Toko Telo, Antananarivo

TOKO TELO is a malagassy Restaurant in the middle of the capital Antananarivo.
The name means the three stone that are used to build up a fireplace for cooking and this restaurant is specialised on making Malagasy traditional food.
They have a "A la carte menue", but also a day menue - and one of today's suggestions were meatballs Malagasy style.
As you can see on the picture below did I get more than enough rice, red and white one and to be honest: I didn't even manage to eat the half of it. The rice tast good, but for my European stomach is a portion like this way to much. The meatballs where served with beans (pois de cap) and there where also two different salads, one with Karoty (carrots) and the other one with Votabia (tomat).
For desert did I get, although it didn't look like it, a nice and very sweet clementine.
And as usual to a Malagasy meal is it served with Ranovola – rice water. This drink is mostly served warm and have different names due to where in Madagascar it's made