Would YOU like to explore MADAGASCAR with ME? 


I mostly stay 2-3-4-5 Months a year in Madagascar .


This time do I fill with work for a tour-operateur called

"PRIORI Reisen" and voluntary work.


- for this Malagasy/Swiss tour-operateur do I also work as a

tour-guide for German, English and Norwegian speaking guests...


- so if you like to travel with me in a small group with 3 - 7 other travelers don't hesitate to contact me!


Underneath can you find 3 tours for this year - this programs are in german but I would gladly translate them into English or Norwegian if you ask me to :-)


If you are a group of minimum 3 people will I put together a travel program especially for you!

let me know what you would like to see in Madagascar and also how long you are planning to stay and I will make a individual program to fill your interests and needs!

 Picture is taken after visiting a church on the east-coast of Madagascar. 



Kleingruppenreisen Madagaskar 2019

Quer durch den Norden 14. Juli bis 5. August 2019

Von Lemuren zu en Buckelwalen 11. August - 2. September 2019

Madagaskar, "Ladies only" 5. - 21. September 2019