salama tsara - hello

And welcome at my homepage.


I am Ellen, Norwegian, born in 1966.

Since 1996 am I living  in Basel, Switzerland.


During the years haven't i only learned to speak swissgerman, but this country  has become my second homeland.


I love to travel and since one of my biggest passions are photography,  do I never travel without my backpack filled with cameras, different lenses and my travel diary.


In 2011 did I have the chance to travelled to Madagascar for the first time. I did immediately fell in love with this beautiful country. One trip turned into several trips and now  have I been lucky to spend almost 3 years all together travelling around in what has become my third homeland.


Here on this page will I like to share some of my pictures filled with some stories from encounters I've had during my travel. 

Many people travel to Madagascar the first time because of its very unique fauna and flora, but they mostly comes back again because of its friendly people - so did I.





Someone ones told me that a persons home is not to find on any land map, but only in the heart of his loved ones. This senses are almost explaining how I feel and I'm lucky that although I know how to write the word "homesick", have I until now never experienced this feeling.

My first camera

I inherited my first camera after my grandfather when I was nine years old. Never did I think that this would turn out to be my biggest passion. Remembering back to my first trips abroad alone. First did I to save money for the trip and after coming home, did i have to start saving money for develop all the picture I had taken. 

My travels

As you maybe already have noticed have I also been taking some shorter trips to other countries with my camera and are also showing some of my memories with you from this trips.