Many friends looked funny at us when we wold them we wanted to go and spend almost 2 weeks in Singapore. Many of them had been there for a stopover, but none have spent more than 1-2-3 days in this big city. 

After coming back home again did we both agree that THIS IS A PLACE TO RETURN TO. Singapore has so much to offer and every day was like a big adventure totally different from the one the day before. We had found a hotel nearby a metro station and could easily travel around by train or bus all over the city. Chinatown, Little India, Gardens by the Sea, Skyscrapers, Museums, enormous big shopping malls, Botanical Garden, Singapore Sling in the old colonial hotel Raffles, Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Jurong Bird Park, the airport with the world highest artificial waterfall, the little island Pulau Bin with its costal forest and not to forget all the different and nice food we had during our trip. All this and much more made this trip to be much more than we had ever dared to dream of. We knew we were going to visit an exiting destination, but not that we after 12 days would say that we could have easily stayed 1-2 weeks longer.

So we will definitely go back and explore even more of this tiny but exiting country. 

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